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To discuss team strategy and tactics for beating the expert!

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 Please note: Unexplained, or un-annotated analysis is not welcome in this forumAdminN/A
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 Voting reforms necessary! Feedback welcome... 14sun jul  7 2002  5:43am
by Philip
 We have lost !!!!! 1sat may 25 2002  9:31am
by SteVeYBoY
 E1 to h4 1sat may 11 2002  9:50am
by Sean3uk
 Nbd7 is crucial! 1sun apr 14 2002  3:17am
by hideous
 Black's 5th move 1mon apr  1 2002  4:16pm
by Philip
 At this point we face a crossroads 1tue mar 26 2002  9:19am
by Leareth
 Slav defence 1fri mar 22 2002 10:53am
by kingscrusher
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