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Help us to maintain a friendly Chess Club atmosphere. Please be pleasant and polite to each other, and respect each others countries and cultures.

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Chess - General discussion
world chess events, international chess news, puzzles, OTB games
 Thu Aug 16 2018 12:58AM
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HelpDesk forum
For admin assistance to questions and problems. Note that this forum will only show you your own posts to it, thus making it easy to track your problem reports or question threads
  Sat Aug 18 2018 1:03PM
Team Captain Help
For team captains to get advice and tips on for example how to best create friendly team matches
  Mon Apr 23 2018 9:29PM
Site Improvement Suggestions
For general improvement suggestions to this site.
 Thu Aug 16 2018 12:42PM
Site Newbies
If you are a new Full Member and need help with the way things work, post your question here.
  Sat May 5 2018 1:12PM
Site Advanced Help
If you are experienced on the site and need help
 Fri Jul 27 2018 2:52AM
Site Leagues and Tournaments
Promotion and discussion of site leagues, teams and tournaments
 Mon Aug 13 2018 7:58PM
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ChessWorld Cafe
The meeting place for social and light-hearted chat
 Thu Aug 16 2018 11:43AM