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  Fritz 13 is out


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Tue Feb 28 2012 10:24PM | edited: 10:36:54 | MsgID: 15228206

Hi all,
I just bought Fritz 13 to replace my Fritz 8.
First impression: tye programme did not start after setting it up!. ( I have Windows 7 on AMD Athlon (tm) II x 2 250 Porcessor 3.00Ghz, RAM 2.00 GB.),
I used the "repair mode" which seemed to fix the starter!
I wanted to analyse a game played here with chessH. I lost it and wanted Fritz to analyse it. To insert the game, I needed to create a new database.Now it does not accept a textfile Word 2010 very easily. After creating the database, I copied the textfile PGN game and pasted it into Fritz New Game. It opened the game, fortunately. So I am now analysing.It took the time to write this email to analyse for blunderchecks for both colours.
I will need to see what this does.
There is a new sensational function. You can analyse your game with LiveCheck. YOur game is shown on the internet. If it is a well known game player, nothing much new will happen. but if it is just you, your game is analysed by millions of people who annotate the game somehow. Each annotation increases the depth of the analysis. That is the new feature for Fritz. So there is a huge database of analysis being built. And of course, any Fritz player has access to it. Presumably, this is the answer to improved play.
As I bought Fritz 13 today (28 February 2010) I shall wait a little longer to be able to report on further funcitons.Please ask me a question and I shall try to find an answer in the PDF file manual, that is found online free (239 pages) apart from this, I did not see any help file. so downloading the manual is a must, if you want to leanr all the functions; there are a fair bit, some that were already in use with Fritz 8 (like the chatter which tells you "I am so proud of you that you downloaded me"!)They have spruced up the analysis. with Windows 7 it takes much less time to activate the functions.

The settings are easy. The game is presented like Word 2010, with purpose (since many people have now Word 2010). There is a ribbon which makes the old style drop down menus redundant.This needs to be practiced to get used to it. Of course, Chessbase produces DVD which now can be seen without Fritz of any sort, After all, the producers of these DVD must sell them to other users too!
About I got connected, but found no one. Then the server disconnected! so even though they advertise that you can play with millions of people, I think they have some thing to catch up before they reach the standard of this site! Thank you Kingcrusher, I am remaining faithful to your videos - available free from you tube!