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  Jeremy Silman "How to Reassess your Chess"


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Wed Jun 19 2013 8:57PM | MsgID: 16573748

I had “How to reassess your chess” on my shelf. I watched the Backyard Professor present some of the points that Silman makes, The Backyard Professor, Kerry Shirts, is very enthusiastic in presenting the advantage of positive imbalances toward a plan. It impressed me so much that I took Silman’s book from the shelf and started to study it.
I am positively amazed. Silman has his style. This can put some people off. BUT he is a good teacher. He shows what is important; he states the rule in a language that can be understood. He explains clearly how imbalances direct the game for both players
He takes a long time to labour one point. You have to follow him in the presentation of a game. In the end, you do understand clearly what an imbalance will do for you. That’s his power.
Study his book (less complex that Kotov’s book on calculation – and more productive IMO) and you will understand what makes the board tick.