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Thu Aug 1 2013 5:27PM | MsgID: 16684314

Dear Avid Chess improver,
I’m still going through Jeremy Silman’s How to reassess your chess. But he does say to leave it and study other things. What made me tick is that in several of his games he uses the remover of the defender tactic.
So I am returning to the study of tactics with 3 books.
1) Yasser Seirawan, tactics. This book explains tactics obviously. But what is more interesting from Yasser is that he shows that tactics per say are not enough. They are good, but they must lead to combination. From the start, he shows simple tactics and how it can be used with small combinations and larger, several moves, combinations. This is really an eye opener! So you don’t just go for the pin of the knight to the king, but you also develop a double attack while doing so.
2) The next “scientific” book exploring tactics is, Martin Weteschnik ChessTactics from Scratch. This is a useful book as he looks at the elements of tactics in detail, what to look for and how to set them up. I’ve only studied the pin, where he shows absolutely stunning pins and how they are arrived at. He says that Tactics don’t come down from heaven; you have to engineer them (which was an eye opener to me!!!). He doesn’t leave you there; he shows the detail elements, the situation to look for, and the right target. Really brilliant.
3) Chess Tactics for students by John A. Bain. This is the book of practice. A4 pages, 4 diagrams with explanations. A key to the test at the end of the book. The best thing to dois to have your own board and set the position to reflect on it, closing the book. So you can try to solve the diagram. Yes, they are for beginners. But don’t just say, how I know that; there’sa lot of improvement by playing a position until you’ve got it in your head.
4) Last, 3 discs, Chessmaster. One of the enthusiastic tutors is Josh Waitzkin. I like his explanation, showing the steps to tactics, strategy and the psychology of chess. He’s so enthusiastic that you will want to follow his advice on the board. And it works!

Regards, GCT