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  A new way to have fun with puzzles


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Give chess goodie
Wed May 3 2017 4:19PM | edited: 5:17:31 | MsgID: 19713801

I have manages to set up a new (at least for me) way to collect chess puzzles.
1. I installed scid vs. pc on my Ubuntu
2. I compiled and added to scid newest Stockfish, development edition
3. I downloaded and added some game databases. My own games, some master games collections, so now I have roughly 200k games in scid
4. I batch annotated a database with scid and Stockfish, marking search for tactical moves (in Annotate window)
5. I waited, time depends on the database size
6. After this, I have a collection of puzzles, I can solve them from scid.

I am looking now, how to sort them out, and make some criteria... I know that both here and in many other chess sites there are zillions of puzzles. But, I could find no puzzles from my own games there :)

Now, I have a few. They are quite cool, especially from games played here, which are longer and I remember them quite well.

If anybody is interested I can provide more details.

Happy solving!