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  008 - Moremovers

GM Hector Walsh

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Sun Dec 18 2005 12:02PM | edited: 12:09:01 | MsgID: 3187252

The term moremover (or more-mover) refers to a chess composition in which White to play and checkmate Black in a number of moves greater than three.

For this note, I have selected three famous compositions of the XVIII century - beautiful works - whose immortality is still appreciated in present days.

It is worth to repeat that these problems are not for solving "at first sight". To find the solutions is not easy. But let me to advise you: put the pieces on your chess board and try it. The satisfaction that you will obtain when solving it - I can assure - is similar or greatest than to win a chessgame. But please, if you find any solution, does not put it in this forum. Leave a message to me and I will mention you when I publish the solutions.

Dr. K. Bayer
Era 1856

Analyse position

Sam Loyd
London Era, 1861

Analyse position

W. A. Shinkman
St. Louis Globe Democrat, 1887

Analyse position

Unfortunately a second solution (or "cook") was found after the publication of this problem (I will write about it when I put the solutions, within two weeks). Nevertheless, this does not seem to have destroyed immortality of this problem.


Have a nice solving day!
GM Héctor Walsh