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  It's Your Move: Tough Puzzles (Everyman Chess)


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United States
Sat Jan 12 2008 8:56PM | edited: 8:57:11 | MsgID: 8421580

I present my review of the following book:

It's Your Move: Tough Puzzles (Everyman Chess)
By Chris Ward, Publisher:Everyman Chess

Good puzzles presented with multiple choice answers. Some have more than one decent answer but the best answer is given more points. Answers are explained why one is better than another. To me, one of the best features is a chess board is not needed. All one needs is contained in the illustration on the page.

One suggestion--- It's Your Move comes in three volumes. Start with "Improvers It's Your Move", next "It's Your Move" then last , "It's Your Move Tough Puzzles".

Feedback welcome from all

Best wishes