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Chess World Online Chess Forum - Game collection: Endgameknight sacrifice

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  Game collection: Endgameknight sacrifice


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Fri Apr 26 2013 9:03AM | edited: 9:04:50 | MsgID: 16429185

After white sacrifices the knight the game should have resulted in a draw. Black adopted the wrong strategy. There is a famous quote.

"A passed pawn is a criminal which should be kept under lock and key. Mild measures, such as police surveillance, are not sufficient." – Aron Nimzowitsch

If black had gone after the past pawns with his king he should have at least drawn the game.


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Fri Apr 26 2013 7:35AM | MsgID: 16429059

Hi all

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Endgameknight sacrifice

neat endgame involving a knight sacrifice to promote pawn and win