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  Game collection: Impaled


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Mon May 27 2013 11:52AM | MsgID: 16510381

There is a basic rules that you have broken and been severely punished for.

1. It is usually bad to move pieces twice in the opening, you didn't break this rule but it is useful to remember.

2. It is usually bad to move pawns twice in the opening, you did break this rule and this was a mistake. Not only does it lose a pawn it lost you the game. You should have been developing other pieces.


 Topics started

Mon May 27 2013 10:38AM | MsgID: 16510257

Hi all

Game number 8739487 recommended to a Game collection

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Still have a lot to learn and do enjoy playing games with players more advanced than me; this way I feel I really learn even though I often get hung out to dry! This opponent in particular left me spinning with the ferocity of his attack; I''m still trying to analyse it now to see where I went wrong; even when I realised the early signs indicated I was in trouble, I could''t get out of the predicament. It was like waiting for the fall of the executioners axe.