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  Looking for matches with strong players.


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Thu Oct 9 2008 7:19AM | MsgID: 10109546

Individual Games
1. Goto: Opponents/Detailed Search/enter min & max rating (for exp: 2300 - 2800)

Invite these guys for games! If you want competitiveness, make sure the games are rated!

2. Goto: Opponents/Create a tournament/choose tournament type, enter min & max rating, submit.

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United States
Tue Sep 30 2008 2:50PM | MsgID: 10052180


I am looking to play set of matches of 4-6 or 8 games with strong players.
Im always looking to better myself and a match is a good way to test my repetoire and strength against another opponent.
If any one would like to play a match just challenge me, Id prefer a 10day/move time control...
Id also like at least a 2300 player oand up or strong 2200 should be competitive!
I hope to get some challenges soon, I really am looking forward to it! I love the game and piting myself 1 on 1 agasint great players as well!

TRhansk for resfong