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Play | Latest posts | IndexForum Name: Play the expert - WGM Julia Galianina-Ryjanova
Forum goals: To discuss team strategy and tactics for beating the expert!
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  More on 17...Nd7


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United States
Mon Aug 4 2003 1:14AM | MsgID: 166202

hi Bro. Rick:

just a quick response:

18.a6 Nb6 (Bro. Rick's move)
19.Rc1 bxa6
20.Nd1 Be5
21.Rxc6 (edge to white)

Bro. Rick

 Topics started

United States
Sun Aug 3 2003 11:58PM | MsgID: 166156

Hi Team, just looked over everyone's analysis, nice work. My 19...c5 loses to JohnL's d6! I hate to make mistakes, should have searched it out a little longer. But I did just find something!

18.a6 Nb6! I've looked at a number of variations, each at a high ply, and couldn't find anyway White could get more than an even game. This move 18...Nb6! is conspicuously absent in everyone's analysis. Does anyone have a plus for White in this line?

[18...Rfb8 19.Qa3 bbush 19...c5 (19...Ne5 20.Kf1 bxa6 21.Rc1 +/= Mueller; 19...Nf6 20.Qc5 bxa6 21.Rd2 +/= Mueller; 19...Bf8 20.Kf1 e6 21.d6 +/= Mueller) 20.d6! JohnL 20...exd6 21.Nd5 Qd8 22.Nf4 probably wins for White, Bro. Rick]

If no one finds a plus for White after 17...Nd7 18.a6 Nb6 I think I'll vote for 17...Nd7, though I think White has better with 18. Kf1 instead of a6.