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Play | Latest posts | IndexForum Name: Play the expert - WGM Julia Galianina-Ryjanova
Forum goals: To discuss team strategy and tactics for beating the expert!
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United States
Sun Aug 10 2003 10:46PM | edited: 10:51:55 | MsgID: 171786

Yulia: If I may speak for the rest of the World Team, no apology is necessary. Electronic glitches are only a temporary inconvenience of this forum, and does not detract from the play of a challenging and worthy opponent. We shall enjoy playing on!


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Russian Federation
Sun Aug 10 2003 8:21PM | MsgID: 171645

I'm very sorry for delay. I had problem with Internet access, today Internet was turned off in all Olimpic Commitee of Qatar where I now work. I hope it'll not repeat any more.
Good luck!
Yulia Ryjanova