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Chess World Online Chess Forum - Nimzo-Indian and Other Ideas

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  Nimzo-Indian and Other Ideas


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Mon Nov 21 2011 6:13PM | MsgID: 14925319

Starting Out: The Nimzo-Indian by Chris Ward is excellent.(reprinted in 2006)so very up to date.also:Dangerous Weapons: The Numzo-Indian by John Emms, Chris Ward and Richard Palliser is very interesting.(2006).


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Sun Nov 20 2011 11:34PM | MsgID: 14923278

After a few years playing other defences to 1.d4 I have returnd to the idea of playing the Nimzo-Indian. Questions are:

1) I don't have any up to date books on it, so does anyone have any recommendations of good titles?

2) If White plays 3.Nf3 I need a different plan! My old favourite was to play 3...Bb4 anyway and go into a fairly formulaic Bogo-Indian, based on ..d6 and ..e5. It is not bad but I want to extend my range a bit.
What do people think of the Queens' Indian in terms of success, practical chances, style of play.
And any other alternatives that I haven't thought of??

Best wishes,