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Chess World Online Chess Forum - New gambit - the "Dum and Dummer" gambit :)

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  New gambit - the "Dum and Dummer" gambit :)


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Sun Jan 30 2005 11:13PM | MsgID: 1553715

I had to use


Chess rating: 1806 Fide 2135
LCF 200 Fide approx. 2250
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United Kingdom
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Sun Jan 30 2005 12:16PM | edited: 12:26:10 | MsgID: 1550949

Hi all

This gambit is actually called the "Diemer-Duhm Gambit"

Franbrok has requested the following opening addition to our main database :-

Analyse position

After initial skeptism, I found an excellent coverage website of this interesting gambit, which can easily occur, if you want to surprise a French defence or Queens Gambit declined opponent.

The website which covers this line quite well it seems is:-

If you wish to create a game or tournament with this opening, the Opening ID is: 5687