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Mon Dec 2 2013 11:29PM | MsgID: 16999402

You could try 2..Nf6 and go for an Alekhine's Defence variation. More in keeping with Nimzovitsch than the Ruy Lopez and always interesting.
This sequence cuts out one or two lines like the 4 pawns attack. In OTB games it will gain you time on the clock as well


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Give chess goodie
Thu Nov 28 2013 10:22PM | MsgID: 16988779

I play the nimsovitsch regularly but run into problems with: 1. E4 NC6 NF3....

This seems pretty basic and I can go into a Ruy Lopez opening. However, I do not like the Ruy Lopez. I was wondering if black could transpose into another opening besides the Ruy Lopez at this point. The opening would need to be solid. No A5, H5 theory.