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  For those seriously wishing to improve


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Sat Feb 14 2009 9:24PM | MsgID: 10876855

It's not "Everyman Press" but "Everyman Chess".


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Give chess goodie
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Sat Feb 14 2009 6:51PM | MsgID: 10876104

The Masters Series, published by Everyman Press. This series gives readers an insight and appreciation into some of the greatest attacking players of the 20th century. Each book focuses on one master and contains a series of diagrams given at key positions, a hint to the solution (if you wish one), and all the moves of the games. The Alekhine book has 153 diagrams and annotated games. With serious study one cannot help but improve.

I seriously recommend the whole series as a brilliant learning tool to improve one's tactical ability and to understand the style of some of the greatest players in the game's history. A separate and affordable series of books with one on each of the following players: Alekhine, Tal, Spassky and Spielmann. Any one of these is a great book to take to bed at night or stick in your briefcase for your daily commute.

I also posted a version of the above on the "Chess" forum.