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Wed Jul 8 2009 6:12AM | edited: 6:13:59 | MsgID: 11653250

I have close to half of the available Informants on disk, or in electronic form purchased through their website. These all came in packs of several issues, to wit, 40-75, 98-100. I view them through Chess Informant Expert, which can be purchased separately, but also came as a bonus with some of the three volume sets--I have several versions of CIE, but not the latest. Their software lacks many of the features of ChessBase, but does show annotation as they appear in the print publications. It is also possible to print one game at a time in case you would like to take it to a cafe with a chess board for study.


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Tue Jul 7 2009 9:49PM | MsgID: 11652152

Has anyone purchased any of the informants on disc? Are you able to play through the variations, and then return to the game position? Is any other software required? I've always been a big fan of this series, but haven't bought any new ones in years. Every now and then I'll pick up an old one from E-Bay.