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  What is your favorite endgame study


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Sun Jul 25 2010 10:18AM | edited: 10:24:02 | MsgID: 13346679

This is an example of my favorite endgame study.

Knight, bishop and King vs lone king.
Sean does an excellent job describing what Capablanca was showing in his book Chess Fundamentals.
I came across this endgame when I started getting into chess. There is an endgame simulator at with these pieces:

It is my favorite because the knight and bishop seem awkward together, but after studying this lesson it was quite amazing how well these vastly different pieces could mesh.

This is not a common ending by any means, but perhaps that is part of the charm.



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Thu Jul 22 2010 12:38PM | MsgID: 13336101

I use the word study, so your opinion might include something other then books. I would like to improve my endgame.