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  New Book Review: "The Gambit Files"


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United Kingdom
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Fri Jul 8 2011 12:13PM | MsgID: 14519995

Congratulation on your first book Bill, nice front cover also. If the wife allows it, i'll place it on my wishlist on Amazon.

Good luck,



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United States
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Tue Feb 22 2011 10:37AM | MsgID: 14093750

"The Gambit Files: Tactical Themes to Sharpen Your Play"
by Bill Harvey

Rather than present the chessplayer with numerous lines of play to memorize, this book examines the characteristic keys and traps to a wide range of openings. There are 237 puzzles to illustrate hundreds of insights in recurring themes and tactics in 15 chess gambits. Chapters in this volume: Ruy Lopez: Gajewski Gambit; Scotch Gambit; Cochrane Gambit; Rosentreter Gambit; Wing Gambit; Grand Prix Attack: Tal Gambit; French Advance, Milner-Barry Attack; Caro-Kann: Fantasy Variation Gambit; Scandinavian, Portuguese Variation; Winawer Countergambit; Geller Gambit; Albin Countergambit; Blumenfeld Gambit; Queen's Indian, Polugaevsky Variation & Lisitsin Gambit.

It's available at

The author is the webmaster of a collection of 10,000 chess puzzles at and is a puzzle administrator at