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Forum goals: To share chess compositions
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Thu Jan 12 2006 7:49AM | MsgID: 3355528

Hey Mr.Walsh,

I hope you will be able to find time in the near future and send us some wonderful chess diamonds, as well as it will be perfect to reach a point where you can handle both working time and recruitional time equally.

Moreover, i am sure that there are also another couple of players who are interested in solving problems but so far they haven't been aware of the existence of the present forum to contribute as well.

By the way, at which level you have been interested in chess problems? I mean whether you are subscriber in chess magazines or search in relevant sites for finding small treasures or know personally other chess solvers etc. I am asking all this stuff because i have the chance to know a lot of European chess solvers personally since i was in a team that organised in the last two years the annual chess world composition championship in Greece. This is an official institution and it takes place every year in a different place around the globe and it gives the opportunity to many solvers to gather together and make strong competitions. I know a lot of solvers from Russia, Ukrania, Georgia, Great Britain (John Nunn of course), Poland, Finland, Chech Republic and so on.

So i wish you great success in your personal plans.


GM Hector Walsh

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Give chess goodie
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Wed Jan 11 2006 4:17PM | edited: 4:18:28 | MsgID: 3350785

I am in a time of much personal work. The inhabitant of a summering place works full time while the tourists rest. Anyway, I hope to return with my articles for this forum soon.

Meanwhile, I am pleased to see that a few new friends are writing here.
My kindest welcome!

Many thanks to papadoble, mrmip, mulan69 and others for make me feel that I am not the "only crazy" in this fascinating world of the art in chess.

Best regards,
GM Héctor Walsh