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  Fischer Random Chess


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United Kingdom
Tue Jul 20 2010 3:52PM | MsgID: 13329265

Maybe it should be in the site suggestions forum.
I guess you would need to amend the chess position engine to allow all fischer start positions and fischer castling. Ideally there would also be a start position generator.

Maybe we should have a poll to see the level of interest. I certainly would like to play fischer occasionally.


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United Kingdom
Tue Jul 20 2010 2:26PM | MsgID: 13329028

Please could you post to the Chess variants forum instead please. I will transfer this thread shortly. The site does in fact have some support FR start positions for friendly games.


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Tue Jul 20 2010 12:28PM | MsgID: 13328675

Why this server haven't the Chess 960 section ? I think it is a very interesting format .