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Chess World Online Chess Forum - fischerandom knockout tournament.

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  fischerandom knockout tournament.


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United Kingdom
Wed Jan 23 2008 11:39PM | MsgID: 8495860

After reading the lengthy discussion notes by kingscrusher on FR I withdraw my willingness tojoin such a tournament if offered.


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United Kingdom
Tue Jan 22 2008 4:43PM | MsgID: 8485392

Found your suggestion under "Chess Variants " part of "Chess Forum". In case this message doesn't get sent to Cowhand, but back to "Chess Variants", I would like to join such a tournament MrMartin58


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United States
Mon Jan 21 2008 2:30PM | MsgID: 8477441

suggest start a fischerandom knockout tournamet. computor picks random setup, than players cannot use computor aid just like regular knockout tournaments. cowhand.