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  What do I get if I win?


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Thu Mar 5 2009 6:54PM | MsgID: 10991180

You see Duke

If you go to Opponents, Quick Search, Rated Only, Any Time (as now Feb 6th 09, 2pm ET) you Hill find on page 4 (coincidentally besides one challenge I made) that a chess player named Rklaw from England with a rating of 1518 over 364 games is asking for a game in which one if he wins hw will get a rating of 1272 and if he looses a rating of 1239.

Is he going to risk some 300 points so easily?

“Me non savvy”


Duke of Wellington

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Tue Mar 3 2009 4:30PM | MsgID: 10978664


Please read the Rating system FAQ page which is a link from the Help and Feedback..FAQ page
This will help explain any apparent pecularities with your rating prediction or adjustments.

You can see your past rated results from the My stuff..My rating page

Best wishes
Duke of Wellington - Site Admin


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Tue Mar 3 2009 4:26PM | MsgID: 10978639

My rating is 1249. I am playing three games, A, B and C
In case A, if I win, my new rating will be 1275,if I lose it will be 1237. In case B it will be 1270 and 1232. In case C I will be 1256 and 1237.

It looks like your rating accommodates according to the game just recently won.

So if I beat A first and then I beat C, would my rating be 1256 and not 1275, rightly won by beating A?

What you fellows think about it?