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United Kingdom
Mon Mar 16 2009 7:02PM | MsgID: 11054714

There is a link on the team homepage "Show additional scores" which shows the additional info

Earl of Norfolk

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United States
Mon Mar 16 2009 6:26PM | edited: 7:51:41 | MsgID: 11054490

If you really want an answer, the Help Desk is the best place to post this.


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Mon Mar 16 2009 6:13PM | MsgID: 11054411

Recently asked why players ratings i.e 4/8 50% has been taken off the homepage,despite receiving plenty of support over this I have had no reply and the 1 team I captain that is playing league at the moment I have no idea how each individual is doing.I captain 5 other teams and am wondering whether its worth bothering if I can,t follow players progress.Several people have contacted me who wonder why you have stopped showing these and feel they should be restored please do so whatever the reason it was a mistake.grumpytyke and I,m living up to my name over this.