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  game no 5565085

clean and sober

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Fri Mar 27 2009 9:27AM | MsgID: 11114628

thanks for the reply.Its more or less the same I find out: you learn the hard way by teory,or the hard way by playing!! and endgames are for me the zen of chess!
All the best-Poul

The dog isn´t mine,dont know the breed-I have a Cairn myself!!

Earl of Norfolk

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United States
Thu Mar 26 2009 2:03PM | edited: 2:10:30 | MsgID: 11109898

Well, of course you had chances, but in my own experience, I find that I usually have to be at least two Pawns ahead in a Rook and Pawn endgame to win. People like Capablanca, Rubinstein, Lasker, et. al., are, of course, the exceptions to this rule, but we don't exactly play on their level, do we?

By the way, I don't believe, just from a brief perusal of the game, that your opponent used a computer against you. He just played a little bit better than you, that's all (at least, after the 50th move, he did).

P.S. Is the little dog on your homepage a Bichon Frise? He/she looks very much like my dog, who is a Bichon.

clean and sober

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Wed Mar 25 2009 11:05PM | MsgID: 11107114


I have been trying to determine whether black could have won the position after move 50,being one pawn ahead with K,R,p,p on both sides.
The blunder I lost on -thats another story! But was there a winning chance when still one pawn ahead?

Thanks for the site- and shame on those that use machines during a game!!