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United States
Thu Dec 30 2010 6:03PM | MsgID: 13905442

Suggest you contact the Help Desk.

It's possible those showing as higher than 1400 have improved their ratings since they joined the tournament. (I note that the tournament was created last January and still hasn't attracted enough players to get started.)


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Wed Dec 29 2010 4:13PM | MsgID: 13901257

got no idea... had the same thing happen to me. But have been in tournaments where others seem to get away with it !!!


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Sun Dec 5 2010 8:52AM | MsgID: 13815023

Tried to join tournament 144494 max rating 1400 top 10 showing all above 1400 top rated 1800+ , would not let me join currently 1266(max 1634 - many moons ago) any reason? how does it work?