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Play | Latest posts | IndexForum Name: Play the expert - WGM Julia Galianina-Ryjanova
Forum goals: To discuss team strategy and tactics for beating the expert!
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  Handshake required in this game - YES !


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United Kingdom
Fri Dec 5 2003 8:31PM | edited: 8:35:25 | MsgID: 309528

Congratulations Yulia! aka Russian WGM Galianina-Ryjanova, Julia

Yulia has proven why she is the 7th highest ranked Russian WGM in the world, and Rank 44 overall in the World FIDE list -

If members of the team want to send her a message, goodies, handshakes, etc, her homepage is the following link:-

Yulia's homepage

And goodies giving link is:-

Give Yulia a goodie!

She may be more keen to give us a rematch next year, especially I think if we heartily congratulate her on her victory against us

Best wishes


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Fri Dec 5 2003 4:35PM | MsgID: 309215

Hi kingscrusher,

I agree, we should resign this game now. It is a bit impolite to protract this clearly lost game without any sense.

In some of my former posts I admired the excellent positional play of Yulia and we have to give her all the credit. Congratulations Yulia !!

Best regards


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United Kingdom
Fri Dec 5 2003 3:29PM | edited: 3:30:03 | MsgID: 309063

Hi all

I think it is time to shake hands in this game and politely resign.

Yulia has indicated that she may be interested in rematch next year, and I think we should now resign. Given the current poll, and our position (a piece down), we should resign now before the move vote deadline.

If there not any strong objections, I will resign this game in a few hours time.

Best wishes