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  Nimzo-Indian Leningrad Variation


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Wed Jul 27 2011 2:46PM | MsgID: 14577309

ECO volume "E" at 30 2nd edition, gives 6.dc5? Bc3! 7.bc3 Qa5 8.Bf6 (forced) gf6 9.Qd4 e5 10.Qe3 Na6 11.Nf3 Qc5 with an excellent game for black.Peretz/Ivkov, LaHabana 1962.After 8.Qc2? Ne4! When white plays 6.dc5? it leaves him vulnerable on the dark squares, namely c3, due to the absence of whites Dark Squared Bishop.6.d5! is therefore the only way white can maintain the pressure.Good luck.


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Wed Jul 27 2011 12:32AM | edited: 12:37:04 | MsgID: 14575966

I find 10 games in the database where 6.dxc5 has been played

database search


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Wed Jul 27 2011 12:04AM | MsgID: 14575914

I've been looking at theory behind this variation and seen that after reaching the position and main line 4(...,h6) 5(Bh4), 5(...,c5) is taken as a given with the response 6(d6). Yet it is not inherently aparent to me that 6(dxc5) fails as recapturing with the bishop on b4 releases the knight pin and blacks development looks cramped with 6(...,Nf6) the best available option.

So I wondered if anyone had seen a critical move/line which may explain why this move isn't considered as an option even as a gambit along Alekhine lines.