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Chess World Online Chess Forum - Auto=Matic Chessworld Openings ~ Jan 2012

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  Auto=Matic Chessworld Openings ~ Jan 2012


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Thu Feb 23 2012 10:52PM | MsgID: 15213266

Hi Charlie, I'm a new member to...the radio buttons you are on about come up when you challenge an opponent, or would like a new game with someone. I think you have to "mentally" make your first move....SO if you want to move a pawn to say c2-c4 just click on the radio button c4...hope this helps. Also if you want a friendly unrated game or a bit of coaching look me up DJ_Paulie_J

Earl of Norfolk

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Sun Jan 29 2012 5:29PM | edited: 5:45:15 | MsgID: 15134871

I don't see that you have any current games, so presumably the problem was fixed. It sounded, though, as if you had inadvertantly entered a thematic tournament, i.e., one with a set opening.

Update: Upon looking further, you had a game with White in which you played 1.e4 and your opponent responded with 1...e6, then you both agreed to abort the game.

If you are setting up a new individual game that is not a part of any tournament (for example, from the "Opponents" tab above, then "Select New Games"), there will be on the game setup page a place to choose whether you wish to be white or black, and if White you're supposed to select your first move, and there is a little grid on the right side listing all possible first moves. Once you have clicked on "Start New Games"), however, there is no changing it, so make sure you've picked the move you want before submitting.


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United Kingdom
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Sun Jan 29 2012 10:54AM | MsgID: 15133696

Hello Chessworld..........................................................Sun 29th Jan 2012

I am a New Member, with only my 1st Game completed & generally find your Club/WebSite excellent ~ It's friendly, easy to use & a lot of Fun.
I have inadvertently set myself upto Auto-Matically Start All my Games with some sort of 'French Opening' Opening & try as Hard as I might, I just can Not find out how to remove this feature ?
I can select any 1 of the many openings offered by clicking the Radio Buttons but there seems to be No way of 'Not' selecting any ?
I have spent days & days on this and although I think I ask the Help Desk how to do this last week, so far, as far as I'm aware, I've had No response from them yet.

Thanking you All in anticipation
Best regards