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Forum goals: To discuss chess books
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  Winning Chess Strategies Yasser Seirawan


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Wed Sep 11 2013 12:44PM | MsgID: 16788008

I agree about the Seirawan series. I know that Joel Vickery, the original poster, would have been pleased to see your response. Sadly he cannot appreciate it now. Here is the obituary I posted when he passed last month.

JStaffordV (real name Joel Stafford Vickery) from Kentucky, USA, passed away a few days ago after a long, cruel illness.

He was a relatively new member, but despite his battle with disease he was already a welcomer, an enthusiastic player in many simuls and tournaments, and an avid recruiter. His warmth and wit and obvious love of Chessworld convinced me to join when he was my greeter.

His final rating would have been in the mid-high 1500s, but he "lost" a number of games in his last weeks because of elapsed time. By then he was too weak to play or even notify his opponents.

He was proud of his achievements here, and I hope those who knew him will remember his courage, his optimism, and the fine player he was fast becoming.

Joel was 47 years old.


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Wed Sep 11 2013 3:52AM | MsgID: 16787371

I'm responding to an old post, but nevertheless I thought, not only the book in question, but the entire five book set is good.


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United States
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Mon Apr 29 2013 6:17AM | MsgID: 16436775

have you read this book? what do you think about it.