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Forum goals: To discuss chess books
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  Chess Openings for Black, Explained (A Complete Repertoire)


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Thu Dec 4 2008 10:35PM | MsgID: 10447115

Nimzo/Bogo against 1. d4
Sicilian hyper accelerated dragon 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 g6

It also covers various other first moves from white.
I like this book and the white side as well.


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Thu Mar 20 2008 5:22AM | MsgID: 8878054

If you go to and put in the title you will get 23 reviews of the book. The author seems to focus on the Sicilian Def against 1. e4 and the Nimzo-Indian against 1. d4. Sorry, since I play neither as Black and have not seen the book I can make no comments at this time.

bib bob

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Mon Mar 17 2008 11:06PM | MsgID: 8863597

I welcome comments on the following book:

Chess Openings for Black, Explained (A Complete Repertoire)
By Lev Alburt, Roman Dzindzhichhashvili, Eugene Perelshteyn, Publisher:Chess Information and Research Center

If you are aware of better books on this subject, your recommendations and comments would be appreciated

Best wishes
bib bob