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Forum goals: To share chess compositions
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  Counting down to one....


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Sun Jan 15 2006 9:45AM | MsgID: 3377288

Good morning Mr.Walsh,

The id of the problem you are interested in is the following:

Udo Marks, Germany
The Problemist Supplement
Issue 79
November 2005

White : Ka2, Rb3, Ba5, Bb1, Pb5,c2,d4,d6,e3,f4,f5
Black : Kc4, Bb8, Bg8, Nh8, Pa3,b2,b6,d7,d5,e4

White play and mate in 10.....and of course all the rest i wrote in the previous message.

Many regards


GM Hector Walsh

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Give chess goodie
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Sun Jan 15 2006 9:40AM | edited: 9:43:27 | MsgID: 3377281

Last night I watched this problem together to some chess friends.
Please let us know the autor name, or at least, if (he/she/it) is a human.
This composition is from another planet!



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Sun Jan 8 2006 2:35PM | edited: 2:37:02 | MsgID: 3328694

Analyse position

The problem that follows was published in “The Problemist Supplement – Issue 79” in November 2005 and it is mostly considered as a masterpiece in its category. More specifically, the problem belongs to the category of having a position that slightly changes each time and accordingly the same occurred with the number of moves required to reach a mate. Without further words, let’s present the problem.

White play and mate in 10.

When someone finds the solution, afterwards he/she can take out one piece each time that never return on the board. So….:

Take out Nh8 and white mate on 9.
Take out Pc2 abd white mate in 7
Take out Bg8 and white mate in 6
Take out Bb8 and white mate in 5
Take out Pa3 and white mate in 4
Take out Pb2 and white mate in 3
Take out Pb6 and white mate in 2
Take out Pe4 and white mate in 1.

In addition, take out Pd5 and white mate in 3.
Take out Pf4 and white mate in 4
And finally take out Pd4 and white mate in 5.