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  Chess960 Tournament?


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United Kingdom
Wed Oct 3 2007 5:16PM | MsgID: 7742478

Does the Chess960 format here allow castling?
A proper Chess960 tournament would give each game its own random selection from the 960 allowed starting positions.
Note that not all back ranks are legal. There must always be bishops of opposite colour and the king must always be between the two rooks. If can support Chess960 at blitz speed I am sure you could do the same for email chess with a bit of work.


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United Kingdom
Sat Sep 8 2007 8:44PM | edited: 8:48:10 | MsgID: 7570955

Yeah a tournament would be a bit difficult. It is possible to set up tournament with thematic openings, but those openings are 'restricted' to a excellant list of all regular chess openings. The problem in setting up a chess960 tournament would be that even if all 960 opening positions were added to the database then the tournament would have to be set up with just one position for everyone. This sort of defies the point of ficher random!
There are always people to play chess960 though, if you want a game i will be happy to play you. Just send me an invite or if you are unsure send me a message and i will invite you. If you are after a bit more of a challenge than me than message 'Lekoandsvidler'. I think he only plays unrated ficherrandom and i have yet to beat him!

Blue skies

Ramesh 2.0

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Thu Aug 30 2007 5:08AM | edited: 5:09:12 | MsgID: 7505747

You can set up friendly unrated games with the position shown. When creating the games, choose the Fischerrandom position code from the User Defined Positions page and copy the appropriate code number. I don't think you can use these positions when setting up a tournament.

Ramesh 2.0 - Site Admin.


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United States
Thu Aug 30 2007 4:06AM | edited: 4:09:18 | MsgID: 7505639

Is it possible to set up a game or tournament with an unorthodox starting position, such in the diagram below? I recall reading when I started on this site that it would be possible to set up unrated Chess960 games, but I've forgotten how to do so. Thanks for your help.

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