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  becoming a captain of a team


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United States
Mon Sep 27 2010 10:21PM | MsgID: 13579172

This should be posted in the helpdesk forum.
chessnut admin.


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Mon Aug 30 2010 1:51AM | MsgID: 13475585

Originally posted by: "nochessense"
i have recently become a captain of a team, what does this involve, have i any duties?


theres not a huge amount to do really, you can promote the team forum if you have an active team of friends but most people dont really care. some people captain 10 teams and claim its easy. i am captain of one team and its no trouble at all .


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United States
Sun Sep 20 2009 10:37PM | MsgID: 12017263

To much information of an old lazy man to type.
So menu bar help,then FAQ. then teams,on top, and read all about it. good luck. Any thing you don't understand re post here and we will try to help.
chessnut site admin.


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Sun Sep 20 2009 10:21PM | MsgID: 12017178

i have recently become a captain of a team, what does this involve, have i any duties?