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Mon Aug 18 2008 2:12PM | MsgID: 9806640

Worked for me Simonm, although I seem to remember it did not before!?

Thanks K, My opponent has been making ample use of his time allocation, question answered.


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Mon Aug 18 2008 1:42PM | MsgID: 9806480

didnt know you could mate with a conditional move, has this changed to be made possible?


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United Kingdom
Mon Aug 18 2008 1:07PM | MsgID: 9806313

It is only recent high game numbers shown on that Play!..Completed games page.


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Mon Aug 18 2008 12:14PM | MsgID: 9806022

I was checking my games list and noticed a game where my opponent had only one legal move followed by checkmate had disappeared. I had set my move as conditional and so this was not a surprise.

I then checked my Recent games history to find the game not listed??

If I go to Rating info and bring up my games it is there as normal! and i have been awarded the 2 points for the win.

Is there a reason why the game does not show up in my Recent games history?? A game I won after that one does so I wondered if my mating with a conditional move triggered some technical gliche?

No urgency for an answer but just wondered if anyone knew?