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Forum goals: To discuss team strategy and tactics for beating the expert!
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  I don't mind playing 15...c6, but I think 15...f5 or even 15...Kh8 is better.


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United States
Thu Jul 24 2003 2:02PM | edited: 2:06:43 | MsgID: 156782

For 15...f5 i have
16.d6 [oops, not d8 - mz] Kh8 but then 17.Bxb6 cxb6 18.Bb5 Qd8 19.d7 a6 20.Be2 b5 21.exf6 Rxf5 22.Ne4 Bf6 23.Nxf6 exf6 24.f4 Qf8 25.Qe6 +-

I only gave 15...Kh8 a passing glance because it seemed to me that 16.a5 was simply to serious a threat to ignore. It looked to me that Black would loose all mobility on the Q-side and have nowhere for counterplay.

It would be interesting to explore these ideas at another time.



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United States
Sun Jul 20 2003 1:37PM | MsgID: 153092

for what it is worth, from Nigel Davies' the grünfeld defence


Black can also undermine the pawn chain at its base. The immediate 15...f5 looks risky after 16. d6+ Kh8 17. dxc7 Qxc7 18. Nb5 Qb8, and now 19. Bd4 might be White's best (19. exf5 Rxf5 was unclear in Century-Nimzo 7.32, Computer Tournament 2000). A more circumspect idea is to prepare ...f7-f5 with 15...Kh8, when Mohr-Smejkal, Altensteig 1990, and Sosonko-Timman, IBM 1975 both went 16. Nb5 f5 17. Bd4 fxe4 18. Bxg7+ Kxg7 19. Nd4 exf3 20. Ne6+ Kg8 21. Bxf3 Bxf3 22. Rxf3 Rf6, when White has adequate compensation for the pawn, but no more than that.


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Sun Jul 20 2003 10:31AM | edited: 10:34:03 | MsgID: 152918

Hi team
Yes I agree 15...f5! [or even 15...Kh8] is better.


Bro. Rick

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United States
Sat Jul 19 2003 9:58PM | MsgID: 152567

Hi Team, here's a partial summary. I don't mind playing 15...c6, but I think 15...f5 or even 15...Kh8 is better.

Qd7 15.Rg3 f5 [15...Bf6 16.a4 Rab8 17.Bf4 Na8 18.a5 Bh4 19.Rg1 Rfd8 20.e5 Qf5 21.Qb4 Qh3 22.Rd3 Kh8 23.Re3 b6 24.a6± JohnL; 15...f5 16.d6+ Kh8 17.dxc7; 15...c6 16.dxc6 a)16.a4 Qc7 17.Rc1 Rfc8 18.a5 Nd7 19.a6 bxa6 20.Bxa6 Ne5 21.f4 Nf3+ 22.Kf1 Rcb8 23.Qa4 Rxb2 24.Be2 Nd2+ 25.Bxd2 Rxd2 26.Bxh5 Qxf4 27.Bf3 Bd4 28.Rc2 Bxf2 29.Ne2 Rxe2–+ 30.Rxe2 Bxg3 31.hxg3 Qxf3+ 32.Rf2 Qh1+ 33.Ke2 cxd5 0–1 Victor Mikhalevski-Semen Dvoirys, Hoogeveen Essent op 2000; b)16.Bxb6 axb6 17.Na4 Qc7 18.Nxb6 Rad8= JohnL(b)18...Rab8 dont 19.h3 Rfd8) ; c)16.Kf1 Rfd8 (c)16...e6 17.dxc6 Qxc6 18.Nb5+/=) 17.Bxb6 axb6 18.Qxb6 Qc8 19.Kg2 Bxc3 20.bxc3 cxd5 21.exd5 Rxa2= Bro. Rick; 16...Qxc6 17.Rc1 JohnL a)17.Nd5 Nxd5=; b)17.Nb5 Nc8 (b)17...Be5 JohnL; b)17...Rfc8 18.Nxa7 Rxa7 19.Bxb6 Rxa2 20.Qxa2 Qxb6+/= Sosonko-Timman, 1984) 18.Rd5+/= Portisch-Gheorghiu, Manila 1972; 17...Qf6 a)17...Qd7 18.Nb5 Be5+/= JohnL; b)17...Rac8 18.Nd5 (b)18.Kf1 Rfd8 19.Kg2+/= (b)19.Nd5 Qxc1+ 20.Bxc1 Rxc1+ 21.Kg2 Nxd5 22.exd5=) ) 18...Qxc1+ 19.Bxc1 Rxc1+ 20.Kd2 Rb1 21.Nxe7+ Kh8 22.Qd3 Rxb2+ 23.Ke1 Rxa2 24.Kf1 Be5 25.Rh3 Re8 26.Nf5 gxf5 27.Rxh5 Ra1+ 28.Kg2 Rg8+ 29.Kh3 Rh1 30.f4 Bxf4 31.Qd4+=; 18.Bg5 Qd4 19.Bxe7± JohnL] 16.d6+ Kh8 17.dxc7 Qxc7 18.Nb5 Qb8 19.exf5 Rxf5 [19...gxf5? 20.Rxg7!+/= Kxg7 21.Qc3+ Kg8 22.Nc7 Rf6 23.Nxa8 Nxa8 24.Rd7+- White is winning, Sosonko-Timman, Wijk aan Zee 1982] 20.a3 [20.Nd4 Rd5 (20...Bxd4 21.Rxd4 e5 22.Kf1 Qg8 23.Qxg8+ Rxg8 24.Rd6=) 21.Ne6 Rxd1+ (21...Qd6 22.Rxd5 Qxd5 23.Qxd5 Nxd5 24.Rg5 Nxe3 25.fxe3+/=) 22.Bxd1 Bf6 (22...Qe5 23.Nxg7 Kxg7 24.Bc2 Rd8 25.Be4 (25.f4 JohnL 25...Qd6 26.Kf1 Qc6 27.Kg1 e6 28.f5 exf5 29.Qb4 Nd5 30.Qd4+ Qf6 31.Qxa7 Nxe3! (31...Qc6 32.Qd4+ Qf6 33.Qxf6+ Nxf6 34.Bxf5 Kf7+/= JohnL) 32.Qxb7+ Kh6 33.Rxe3 Rd2!= (33...Rd4 34.h3 (34.a4 Qg5+ 35.Kf1 Rg4 36.Qh1 Rc4=) 34...Rc4 35.Bd3²) 34.Re7 Qg5+= 35.Kh1 (35.Kf1 Rxf2+=) 35...Qf4 36.Rxh7+ Kg5=) 25...Rd7 26.Bd2 Qd6 27.Bc3+ Kf8= 28.Rg5 Qxh2 29.Ra5=) 23.Ng5 Qf8 24.Nf7+ Kg8 25.Nd6+ (25.Nh6+ Kh8 26.Qe6 Qc8 27.Qxe7 Qc6 28.Qf7?! Nc4? 29.Ba4+- winning, Babula-Kalod, R/Horni Becva 1993) 25...Kh8 26.Bh6 Qb8 27.Nf7+ Kg8 28.Be2 e6 29.Qxe6+- JohnL] 20...Qg8 21.Qxg8+ Kxg8= 22.Nxa7 Nd5 23.Bc4 e6 24.Nb5 Bxb2 25.Nd6 Rxf3 26.Rxd5 Rxg3 27.Rxh5 Rg1+ 28.Ke2 gxh5 29.Bxe6+ Kg7 30.Nc4 Bf6 31.Bd5 Ra4 32.Nd6 Rxa3 33.Ne8+ Kg6 34.Nxf6 Rxe3+ 35.fxe3 Kxf6 36.Bxb7 Rb1 37.Be4 Rb2+ 38.Kf3 Rxh2 39.Bxh7 Kg5 40.Bg8 h4 41.Be6 Kf6 42.Bd7 Ke5 43.e4 Rd2 44.Bf5 Rd1 45.Kg2 Rd8 46.Kh3 Kf4 47.Bg6 Rh8 48.Bf5 Rh6 49.Kg2 Ke3 50.Kh2 Kf3 51.Kh3 Kf4 52.Kg2 Rh8 53.Kh3 Rg8 54.Kh2 Rg3 55.Kh1 Ke3 56.Kh2 Kf3 57.Bh7 1/2–1/2 Cvetkovic-Banas, Stary Smokovec 1976 Line