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Chess World Online Chess Forum - Be5.... Don't move it!

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  Be5.... Don't move it!


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United States
Sun Aug 17 2003 2:33AM | edited: 2:40:08 | MsgID: 177656

I agree with you, Be5 seems ahead of itself, if thats what I take away from your post.

I'll be curious to see how we respond to f4 or Rg2


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United States
Thu Aug 14 2003 5:18AM | MsgID: 174874

It's good to have supporting data, but not outrageous to just say Be5 doesn't look right. I think OTB Fischer would play Rd8 and has played that set up. Still, if someone examines the Be5 analysis, they might find that a team ha found a good theoretical novelty Be5! TN.

Bro. Rick

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United States
Wed Aug 13 2003 9:48PM | MsgID: 174597

Hi Silent Knight & Team, such a comment should be backed by analysis, don't you think? As a team member, that is.

19.Qc5 Rb8
20.a6 bxa6 (20...e6 21.axb7 Qxb7 22.dxc6 Rxd1+ 23.Nxd1 +/=; 20...Rd7 21.Rd2 bxa6 22.Qxc6 Rxb2 23.Qxc7 Rxc7 24.Rxb2 Bxc3+ 25.Rd2=)

21.Qxc6 Qa5
22.Qxa6 Qxa6
23.Bxa6 Be5
24.Rh3 Rxb2
25.Nb5 Nb6=

18...Rd8 seems to equalize after 19.Qc5.
The problem move is 19.Kf1 when 19...Be5 might have to be played and our rook on d8 may not be on the best square. After 19.Kf1 I've looked at 19...Rb8 and 19...Rd7 and both seem to be better for White. What do you think?

Silent Knight

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United Kingdom
Wed Aug 13 2003 10:15AM | MsgID: 174025

Play Rd8 instead as it's better.