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Chess World Online Chess Forum - Birds opening Sturm Gambit

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  Birds opening Sturm Gambit


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Thu Dec 22 2011 1:30PM | MsgID: 15018484

And I call it the Golovankov variation.
Fun indeed !


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Wed Jun 22 2011 7:20PM | MsgID: 14473899

I have also seen that called the Mujannah.


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Wed Apr 27 2011 5:00PM | MsgID: 14302191

After 2...d4 white has a position that is well known with colors reversed: The Dutch-Benoni Defence which goes like this; 1.d4 c5 2.d5 f5!? See NCO (Nunns Chess Openings) at page 68, line 7, footnote 28 for some very interesting possibilities that you will have, only with an extra move!


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Tue Apr 26 2011 3:27PM | MsgID: 14298777

I play Birds on here & OTB and as a change have started playing the Sturm gambit vs d5 mainly to unsettle my OTB opponents has anyone any thoughts or experience of this line

[[1.f4 d5 2.c4]]


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