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Chess World Online Chess Forum - Chigorin's Defence : A Discussion of this little played QGD line.

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  Chigorin's Defence : A Discussion of this little played QGD line.


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Wed Feb 2 2005 10:41AM | MsgID: 1564645

Lovely opening,
certainly my favorite defence on QG
so for what is worth you'll find probably dozens of games in my past games list

the surpise factor is a major point and i find that it 'discomforts' the white as they immediately have to change plan, asuming that they were expecting something more orthodox

success rate is reasonable, an i believe that i fairs best when white plays a very nice variation analysed in BCO some years ago white ends up with tripled e pawns

the most solid defence i find is Nc3 , while i have hardly encountered exd5.

certainly merit more attention than it currently receives!

be well


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Tue Feb 1 2005 11:26PM | MsgID: 1563078

Black's plan is to pile up on d4 (hence ... Nc6 direct attack, ... Bxf3 to remove a defender, and ... dxc4 discovery). The idea is especially effective if White overreacts by playing e2-e4 prematurely, after which he can no longer defend d4 with a pawn.

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Tue Feb 1 2005 11:24PM | MsgID: 1563065

Have a look at my game against Clayman game number1092614 it was rather a dificult game and I don't know too much about it. It was a favourite of Smyslov if i remember rightly. there's not too much theory either John Hamer


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Tue Feb 1 2005 8:36PM | edited: 8:54:41 | MsgID: 1562313

Named after the Russian master of the 19th Century, Chigorin's Defence goes against traditional principals by not maintaining the central outpost at d5 and blocking the often useful c-pawn. Futhermore, Black must be willing to trade a bishop for a knight in order to maintain a central presence. This leaves most grandmasters with a distrust of the opening, yet its practical results are quite reasonable. Black gains quick develoment and piece pressure on the centre. The addition of surprise value makes the defence respectable, and it should probably get more employment than it does. ---

MCO 14th ed.

"On master level, the Chigorin Defence has been played relatively seldom, and probably that's one of the reasons why it has been analysed less intensively than other openings - good prerequisites for freethinkers and adventurers on the chess board!" (Breutigam) The Chigorin Defence resulting after the moves 1.d4 d5 2.c4 Nc6 has become popular again thanks to the young Russian Alexander Morozevich, who with this choice has been holding his own even against the players of the absolute world top.

1. d4 d5. 2. c4 Nc6

Analyse position

White has 3 options here. a) Nf3 , b) Nc3, c) cxd5.
e3 is considered too weak, though played a few times, Black has a better game.

3. Nf3 Bg4 Black usually captures on f3, ceding the two bishops, but develops and usually doubles Whites pawns.
3. Nc3 White attempts to gain a big centre by eliminating Black's d5 outpost so that e4 can be played
3. cxd5 leaves White with the bishop pair and Black with a developed centralized position.

Any thoughts or ideas out there, please add.