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Forum goals: To discuss chess openings and theory
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  RE:RE:RE:Most exciting openings


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United States
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Sat Oct 6 2001 8:44PM | MsgID: 3583

I like the Sicilion Najdorf main lines vs. e4 and the Modern Benoni vs. d4.I have never played the King's Indian Defense even though it is favored by Robert Fisher.


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Wed Aug 15 2001 11:45AM | MsgID: 1461

Taimanov Sicilian has great flexibility so you can do just about anything with it - head for Scheveningen or Sveshnikov lines for example.
Najdorf is exciting but the theory knowledge is frightening!
I agree about the Dragon being an exciting opening.

Against d4, carnage (sorry - excitement) lines would be The Botvinnik Semi-Slav or the Benoni. The Kings Indian is loads of fun in certain lines but again there is a lot to learn.

Or how about the Dutch. Gives you something fun to play against 1.c4 and 1.Nf3 as well as d4 if you know your stuff.

The really mad stuff in e4 doesnt have to be Sicilian either. The Max Lange attack is crazy stuff, and the Kings Gambit will usually lead to an exciting game.


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Tue Jul 10 2001 5:51AM | MsgID: 491

I think the wolga gambit, is more fun against d4, and in the sicilian you should try the pin variation or the dragon.


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United Kingdom
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Sun Jun 17 2001 8:10AM | MsgID: 251

I think the kings indian defence against d4 is great fun. I also think the Sicilian in particular the Sicilian Sveshnikov is great against e4, if the opponent lets you play it. I would be very interested in your opinions on this!