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  Chess club


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Tue Oct 13 2009 10:48AM | MsgID: 12125199

Thank you all, they moved our messages to a different location and I couldn't find it. Ciao, Max


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Fri Oct 9 2009 1:31AM | MsgID: 12105340

Chess players are naturally competitive so set up a series of events, simultaneous displays, regular tournaments, a rating system, etc. A regular tournament at one game a week will ensure a certain amount of repeat business as a five round tournament requires that each participant appear every week.

A few weeks or a couple of months on try to arrange a match with another chess club.

Delegate authority so you are not running everything. After a couple of tournaments try to get another member to run the odd event, and get a team captain to set up matches, contact players etc...then it becomes everyone's chess club.


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United Kingdom
Fri Oct 9 2009 12:57AM | MsgID: 12105266

ciao massimo,

i wish you 'buona fortuna'


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Thu Oct 8 2009 10:14PM | MsgID: 12104635

Have fun and enjoy yourself!


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Thu Oct 8 2009 9:10AM | MsgID: 12101671

Ciao, I've recentley been appointed as director of a newborn chess club in my work space. I work for a very large militay installation, so hopefully we are going to have a large participation. We are getting new chess sets and all the gear to start. I was wondering if any of you could give me any insight or suggestions on how to run a chess club, since this is going to be the first time for me. Thanks for your time, Massimo