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  looking for online app to help with chess book stuff


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Mon Jun 27 2011 5:03PM | MsgID: 14487981

Great idea.

(1) Often inconvenient to have a chessboard set up near a computer - and also unsettling to switch from screen to page

(2) Nice to be able to check the variation against the original position at a glance.

Thanks muchly.


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Sun Jun 26 2011 9:36AM | MsgID: 14484070

Hi. Suggest you follow a hint from Cecil Purdy (Australian World Correspondence Chess Champion)- play over the annotated game with 2-boards. Yes you will have to purchase another board, but will not have to spend too much!

The idea is to set the game up and play till you come to a line of analysis. Then set-up the other board and go thru the analysis. You can then go back to the other board for the current position!

Hope this helps.

Cheers Norm Wilson


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Sun May 1 2011 5:46PM | MsgID: 14313913

Download ChessBase Lite, which is free, and you'll be able to do exactly as you describe.


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Sat Apr 30 2011 12:25AM | MsgID: 14309344

I use

You can search for the game by player and year. While playing through the game, you can move the pieces for the side variations, then go back to the main game.


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Fri Apr 29 2011 9:30PM | MsgID: 14308916

I've tried reading books (currently on Reassess Your Chess) and always get bogged down by trying to set up and then follow all the variations etc. Then going back and resetting everything up from the gitgo. Especially as I have limited space and a very small real board. I have this idea. Is there an online or downloadable app where 1) you can set up and move both sides following logic dictated by the author, and WHAT WOULD BE TRULY AMAZING a bookmark ability to return to the location set just before whatever variation one has followed! Man I'd pay for this.