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Thu Feb 26 2009 3:59PM | MsgID: 10948526

It all comes to a concatenation of feelings, events and occasional situations.

To begin with, let us assume that you know (at least) the elements of English; otherwise it has no sense to enter an English written Forum. Right?

So, we have in the pan your sense of politeness, weather you are talkative or not, your mood at that moment, and so forth.

I think that a short (you could even make it a standard “copy and paste”, or have several models) polite salute at the start, does not hurt anyone. On the contrary, it could be appreciated.

Comments regarding the moves during the game, I think, may not be well received by the opponent, especially when you do not see him face to face. It might even look as a distracting trick. (“Better keep your mouth shot”). Perhaps, at the end of the game it could be right.

Comments regarding aspects distinct of chess could be rather social. For instance, when you see some sort of affinity with the opponent. For example, since I am Latin American, if I find an opponent with a Spanish-like name, instinctively I ask him/her where is he/she from. . . I think it is something natural.

And. . . look at it this way. . Imaging yourself ready at your seat for a long air-trip and then somebody seats besides you (let´s forget about any beautiful lady in case you are a man or any well looking man if you are a female). Politeness indicates that you should salute him/her, shortly, but salute him/her. Now, if you start a conversation and it becomes very tedious. . . during a very long trip. . . well, don´t blame me. . .

Finally. We are here to play chess, not to talk. OK. But we are well mannered human chess players. . . So a brief welcome is correct. And sort of a good-bye at the end of the game should be obligatory.. . even being the world as crazy as it is now. . .

So long, see you at the board. . .


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Tue Aug 19 2008 6:31PM | MsgID: 9813550

My profile I believe covers this point


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Tue Aug 19 2008 12:01AM | MsgID: 9809874

some of your opponents dont speak english,some dont have the time and some are just anti social.
if you feel a person is rude or un sporting your entitled to withold a goody(your never obligated to send a one) but you should always send a handshake


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Mon Aug 18 2008 1:54PM | MsgID: 9806547

I normally have far too many matches on at one time. When I look at the thing saying '19 matches requiring a move' that drains my motivation to say hi a little.

I've noticed as well that people with higher ratings are more likely to be talkative. My theory is they don't play too many matches at once, which means every game is meaningful for them. For me, matches are just one of the 60 I've got on at any one time.


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United States
Mon Jul 28 2008 10:40PM | MsgID: 9691086

I prefer a polite, ongoing conversation, too, but am getting little of that. Usually, nothing after "Hello."
I want to make friends here, along with improve my (very) rusty game.


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Thu May 1 2008 6:07PM | MsgID: 9153247

Why should i send a goodie to my opponent if he can't type a simple hi?
Having no hi doesn't bother me at all.It makes me smile.For some players,
sympathy seems to grow if you have a high rating(am i paranoid?).I wonder
about that CW étiquette.I think i'm old fashioned.Maybe.Maybe not.
(Make your choice).Salut.
P.S.We don't play for the World Title.We're only here to play for(serious)
fun.And no,i'm not angry.Good games to everyone!