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  Botvinnik : 100 Selected Games


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Sun Feb 15 2009 6:39AM | MsgID: 10878525

I have it but haven't started it. It seems to be consistently on the 'recommended' lists of many great players.


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Tue Dec 23 2008 2:40PM | MsgID: 10555684

A very good book. Botvinnik was quite methodical in his analysis. Yes, the propaganda was amusing, although the Soviet players always walked a fine line with one eye on the party. Remember the controversy about Bronstein throwing the World Championship match to Botvinnik. Comments on a recent ICC John Watson interview with an old friend of Bronstein's were quite clear on the matter. Supposedly, Bronstein's family name was the same as that of a famous, but by then discredited, revolutionary. The party was fearful that his victory would bring on suspicions that the choice of a Champion would suggest hidden counter-revolutionary leanings amongst the leaders of the Soviet Chess Federation. People had 'disappeared' for less and so Bronstein was told to throw the final game and that he would get another chance on another cycle for the championship. Which he never did.


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Fri Dec 5 2008 7:01PM | MsgID: 10452117

As I remember in this book and The Soviet School of Chess, there is a fair amount of propaganda, which seems funny in todays times.


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Sat Jun 3 2006 5:16PM | MsgID: 4400960

The 3 volume set by publishers Olomouc come highly recommended.
I have Volume 2 (1942-1956), and it's just short of 500 pages.
The main thing is that it's ALL Botvinniks comments.
A nice blend of text and analysis. His commentary style I think very instructive.
The plus is the quality of the material. The downside is the slightly lower standard in finish (compared to main chess publisher) - but it's ok (and I'm fussy!). Also a bit pricy per volume, but your not going to get a better insight into Botvinniks thinking than here.

Earl of Norfolk

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Sat Jun 3 2006 2:37PM | edited: 2:37:59 | MsgID: 4399115

I own this book, and, although it's been a few years since I've looked at it, it's one of my favourites. The games are arranged by year, and cover the period from the beginning of Botvinnik's career to just before he won the world championship. He also writes a brief introduction to each year, telling of the events (chess-related events, mostly), of that year, although during the World War II era some of his comments on how the war impacted Soviet chess are interesting. There is also an article on the "Soviet School of Chess" which, looking back on it now, is quite amusing, even though he wrote it in all seriousness. I also believe he mentions his training methods.

A great book if you're interested in Botvinnik's pre-championship career. If you're looking primarily for the games he played as world champion, though, look elsewhere.


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Sat Jun 3 2006 3:42AM | MsgID: 4397037

I welcome comments on the following book:

Botvinnik : 100 Selected Games
By Mikhail Botvinnik, Publisher:Dover Publications

If you are aware of better books on this subject, your recommendations and comments would be appreciated

Best wishes