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Chess World Online Chess Forum - Blackmar-Diemar gambit accepted ........ Overall - Underlying Objective ??

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  Blackmar-Diemer Gambit , accepted ........ Overall - Underlying Objectives ??


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United States
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Sat Jan 15 2005 9:06AM | MsgID: 1484396

thanks very helpful for me
very respectfully

Edward J Boyle

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LCF 1824

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Sun Jan 9 2005 8:52PM | MsgID: 1460686

I used to play the BDG a lot back in the 70's. Not that much info on the darn thing, and no computers to bust all the main lines. I never did lose a OTB game, nor a postal game with it.


When I lost a 5 min. game with it to a 1400 player:

Ed Boyle(1750) - David Gray(1375), Two Pawn Sac Var. 1976? [[1.d4 d5 2.e4 dxe4 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.f3 exf3 5.Qxf3 Qxd4 6.Be3 Qg4 7.Qf2 Ne4]] I tried this a half doven times and got sqwashed every time. After that, I always had a facination with the gambit, but never played it again.


Playable game scores in this posting
Playable game #1


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Sun Jan 9 2005 7:38PM | MsgID: 1460327

Hi, I too thought I had found the secret weapon with the BDG. Bought some books, studied it and applied it to my MO. Read my homepage if you are interested in this aspect.

This opening is better suited to OTB play with strict time restrictions, I would suggest. I doubt if it would be useful against strong players.

When I tried it out on Chessworld against high rated players, I learned fairly quickly, with a dramatic drop in points, that good players with lots of time to analyse will spot the traps, leaving you down two pawns and in a bad position.

It was fun trying, but it was quickly back to basics for me.




Chess rating: 1767

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United States
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Sun Jan 9 2005 1:10PM | edited: 1:32:04 | MsgID: 1458851

My fascination (or perhaps, my frustation) with this opening may have come to a halt ! ! ! ........ after reading the following page from the site of one of my favorite chessbook authors.

....... just wanted to share this with any other Blackmar-Diemer Gambit aficionados here on ChessWorld .

Click Here To Read How The Silman Site Rates This Blackmar Diemer Gambit



Chess rating: 1767

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United States
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Sun Apr 13 2003 1:01AM | edited: 1:03:58 | MsgID: 85238

Heyyyyyy Kingscrusher ! ! !
Thank You !
You always amaze me ; not only do you find the time to respond to almost all of my posts, no matter where they may be, but your storehouse of related references has again proven to be right on the money ! I've become a regular of that BDG geocities site, and now between studying that plus all that CW offers, I just might elevate myself to tailor fit The BDG to suit me. Thanks Again !


Chess rating: 1806 Fide 2135
LCF 200 Fide approx. 2250
British Regional Master

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United Kingdom
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Thu Apr 10 2003 8:10AM | MsgID: 84351

Hi there

I found a very good website dedicated to the BDG :-

In the opening theory section it states:-
The BDG is a classic gambit, in which white trades material for a compensating advantage in time and space, and seeks to capitalize on that advantage with a direct attack on the enemy king. White obtains quick development, open lines, and active pieces. Black must defend carefully, but strike a prudent balance between aggression and passivity, seeking to gradually equalize in time and space, when his material advantage may become telling.."

Best wishes


Chess rating: 1767

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United States
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Thu Apr 10 2003 12:25AM | edited: 12:35:02 | MsgID: 84289

Having recently been exposed to this opening and accepted the gambit in what I've come to realize is called the Vienna Defense (see Chess Openings Database, filter Coroticus, variation ID # 5673 ) , my amazement and curiosity have peaked ! Is there any overall goal in mind with the BDG, whether accepted or not ? After replaying several such games of others, I first thought the ultimate target was the demise of Black's f7 pawn. With White's pawn sacrifices and initial minor piece slow developement, I would dare say only the stout at heart could ever attempt such blatant strategies. Perhaps my inexperience wont allow me the luxury of any such ventures just yet.