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  Help: subscribe by mail information.

Ramesh 2.0

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Fri May 9 2008 4:01AM | MsgID: 9201467

The answer is in the Top 10 FAQ:

Q. Can I pay for my subscription without a credit card? (I am outside of the UK)
You can pay by International Money Order (IMO). Because of the processing costs involved, you must subscribe for 3 years by sending an IMO for £45 (GBP). No other currency is acceptable. Please send the IMO with your personal details (including site nickname) to:
PO Box 3182
United Kingdom

Depending upon your location and preferred postage method, it may take several days to reach us in the UK. When we receive your post we then have to process the transaction. As an approximate guide we would normally allow up to 14 days for the whole process. If you are concerned about the progress of your subscription, please message the HelpDesk with any relevant information.

Ramesh 2.0 - Site Admin


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Fri May 9 2008 3:13AM | MsgID: 9201328

I know there's a way to subscribe by mail / money order, if you want to subscribe for few years in one go, which I do, but I can't find the information to do so in any FAQ.