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  change of board size

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Fri Jul 20 2007 9:27AM | MsgID: 7243505

this is a link to an index of all the known chess variants. to see the site "click here"



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United States
Fri Jul 20 2007 9:19AM | MsgID: 7243468

I forgot who, but people have increased the size of the board, and added new pieces


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Fri Jul 20 2007 9:16AM | MsgID: 7243454

Anybody ever toyed with the idea of changing the board size,say from 8x8 to 10x10 squares ?and wondered what difference it would make,don't get me wrong, i am a traditionlist by nature, and our favourite game as withstood the test of time so i am not advocating a change,it was just idle musing one day as i was on my way to many pieces?the same and two empty files?4 knights or 4 bishops?maybe 3 knights and 3 bishops? another queen?a mistress maybe?how would the game be changed.this question has probably popped up before so forgive me if it has,i was just wondering.
interested in other peoples opinions though.rob

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