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The Masters Collection


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GameMovesResultYearEventOpeningCustom Tags
Mogilarov vs. Gavriel  720-12018Middlesex Chess League C50 Kings pawn game 
Viswanathan Anand vs. Anton Demchenko  571-02017World Rapid Championship B69 Sicilian: Richter-Rauzer, Rauzer attack, 7...a6 defence, 11.Bxf6 
SENGUPTA vs. GORMALLY  511-02018Hastings Masters B99 Sicilian: Najdorf, 7...Be7 main line 
Magnus Carlsen vs. Viswanathan Anand  780-12017World Rapid Championship E53 Nimzo-Indian: 4.e3, main line with ...c5 
AlphaZero (Computer) vs. Stockfish (Computer)  1211-02017AlphaZero - Stockfish C11 French defence 
AlphaZero (Computer) vs. Stockfish (Computer)  1351-02017AlphaZero - Stockfish E16 Queens Indian: Capablanca variation 
AlphaZero (Computer) vs. Stockfish (Computer)  2331-02017AlphaZero - Stockfish E17 Queens Indian: 5.Bg2 Be7 
AlphaZero (Computer) vs. Stockfish (Computer)  1111-02017AlphaZero - Stockfish E17 Queens Indian: 5.Bg2 Be7 
AlphaZero (Computer) vs. Stockfish (Computer)  1891-02017AlphaZero - Stockfish C11 French defence 
AlphaZero (Computer) vs. Stockfish (Computer)  1391-02017AlphaZero - Stockfish E17 Queens Indian: 5.Bg2 Be7 
AlphaZero (Computer) vs. Stockfish (Computer)  1991-02017AlphaZero - Stockfish E16 Queens Indian: Capablanca variation 
Stockfish vs. AlphaZero  1740-12017AlphaZero -- Stockfish 8 match C65 Ruy Lopez: Berlin defence 
Stockfish vs. AlphaZero  1340-12017AlphaZero -- Stockfish 8 match C65 Ruy Lopez: Berlin defence 
AlphaZero vs. Stockfish  1191-02017AlphaZero -- Stockfish 8 match E15 Queens Indian: 4.g3 
Alexander Grischuk vs. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov  720-12017European Team Championship C72 Ruy Lopez: modern Steinitz defence, 5.O-O 
Texel 1.07a35 vs. Houdini 6.02  760-12017TCEC Season 10 - Stage 1 A88 Dutch: Leningrad, main variation with c6 
Komodo 1937.00 vs. Bobcat 8  1031-020172017-tcec-s10st1 A35 English: symmetrical variation 
Magnus Carlsen vs. Bardur Orn Birkisson  731-02017Isle of Man Open E52 Nimzo-Indian: 4.e3, main line with ...b6 
Eugene Perelshteyn vs. Magnus Carlsen  1020-12017Isle of Man Open B06 Robatsch (modern) defence 
Shakhriyar Mamedyarov vs. Liviu Dieter Nisipeanu  731-02017European Club Cup D27 QGA: classical, 6...a6 
Magnus Carlsen vs. Julio Ernesto Granda Zuniga  651-02017Isle of Man Open C42 Petrovs defence 
Pavel Eljanov vs. Magnus Carlsen  620-12017Isle of Man Open B00 Kings pawn opening 
Fabiano Caruana vs. Magnus Carlsen  740-12017Isle of Man Open C78 Ruy Lopez: 5.O-O 
Magnus Carlsen vs. Jeffery Xiong  651-02017Isle of Man Open A04 Reti opening 
Levon Aronian vs. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave  551-02017World Cup E81 Kings Indian: Saemisch, 5...O-O 
Wesley So vs. Ding Liren  1380-12017World Cup D78 Neo-Gruenfeld, 6.O-O c6 
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave vs. Levon Aronian  1271-02017World Cup C84 Ruy Lopez: closed defence 
Alexey Dreev vs. Magnus Carlsen  640-12017World Cup D38 QGD: Ragozin variation 
Magnus Carlsen vs. Alexey Dreev  591-02017World Cup B51 Sicilian: Canal-Sokolsky (Nimzovich-Rossolimo, Moscow) attack 
Magnus Carlsen vs. Bu Xiangzhi  720-12017World Cup C55 Two knights defence 
Vladimir Fedoseev vs. Hikaru Nakamura  851-02017World Cup C48 Four knights: Spanish variation 
Francisco Vallejo Pons vs. Wesley So  600-12017World Cup B12 Caro-Kann defence 
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave vs. Alexander Grischuk  971-02017World Cup C54 Giuoco Piano 
Peter Svidler vs. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave  740-12017World Cup A34 English: symmetrical variation 
Levon Aronian vs. Vassily Ivanchuk  591-02017World Cup A13 English opening 
Magnus Carlsen vs. Oluwafemi Balogun  771-02017World Cup B06 Robatsch (modern) defence 
Vladimir Kramnik vs. Vassily Ivanchuk  1420-12017World Cup B13 Caro-Kann: exchange variation 
Vassily Ivanchuk vs. Anish Giri  811-02017World Cup C43 Petrov: modern (Steinitz) attack 
Vassily Ivanchuk vs. Anish Giri  811-02017World Cup C43 Petrov: modern (Steinitz) attack 
Heinemann vs. Krauss  58draw31.112th Forchheim Open A 2013 B07 Pirc defence 
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