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GameMovesResultYearEventOpeningCustom Tags
Bilam Lal Shrestha vs. Ahmed Abdulsattar A Abdulwahhab  50draw2016Chess Olympiad B41 Sicilian: Kan variation 
Ishaq Saeed vs. Yongjoon Chon  311-02016Chess Olympiad E81 Kings Indian: Saemisch, 5...O-O 
Eric Hansen vs. Samuel Shankland  421-02016Chess Olympiad C65 Ruy Lopez: Berlin defence 
Jomar Benschop vs. Adrian Woodley  301-02016Chess Olympiad B27 Sicilian defence 
Eugenio Chinchilla Miranda vs. William Bravo  450-12016Chess Olympiad E97 Kings Indian: orthodox, Aronin-Taimanov variation 
Tamaz Gelashvili vs. Emre Can  490-12016Chess Olympiad A48 Kings Indian: East Indian defence 
Le Quang Liem vs. Wang Yue  44draw2016Chess Olympiad E32 Nimzo-Indian: classical variation 
Thuso Mosutha vs. Kevin Cupid  370-12016Chess Olympiad B12 Caro-Kann defence 
Luca Moroni Jr vs. Alexander Grischuk  400-12016Chess Olympiad D80 Gruenfeld defence 
Jose Antonio Guillen Ramirez vs. Soon Wei Yee  240-12016Chess Olympiad D93 Gruenfeld with Bf4 e3 
Anis Ben Youssef vs. Shuaau Muhammed  270-12016Chess Olympiad C68 Ruy Lopez: exchange variation 
Al Shamari Ghanem vs. Ahmed Minhazuddin  470-12016Chess Olympiad A46 Queens pawn game 
Mikhael Mchedlishvili vs. Alexander Ipatov  560-12016Chess Olympiad A46 Queens pawn game 
Antonio Fernandes vs. Nikita Meskovs  30draw2016Chess Olympiad E60 Kings Indian defence 
Mahjob Salem vs. Muhaba Detamo Adebo  901-02016Chess Olympiad D47 QGD semi-Slav: 7.Bc4 
Milton Botao vs. Philippe Linster  320-12016Chess Olympiad C96 Ruy Lopez: closed (8...Na5) 
Mihail Marin vs. Yuri Gonzalez Vidal  351-02016Chess Olympiad A13 English opening 
Calvin Jong Klaasen vs. Brandon Wilson  86draw2016Chess Olympiad A31 English: symmetrical, Benoni formation 
Garry Forbes vs. Michael Deng Khor Kuol  32draw2016Chess Olympiad A40 Queens pawn 
Ali Abdullahi Farah vs. Milanto Harifidy Ralison  520-12016Chess Olympiad B95 Sicilian: Najdorf, 6...e6 
Krasimir Rusev vs. Tamir Nabaty  51draw2016Chess Olympiad A06 Reti opening 
Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy vs. Yu Yangyi  51draw2016Chess Olympiad A45 Queens pawn game 
Faniry Rajaonarison vs. Kassim Hassan Fidow  291-02016Chess Olympiad B46 Sicilian: Taimanov variation 
Mohamed Elmi Boulaleh vs. Jeffrey Balbalosa  440-12016Chess Olympiad A20 English opening 
Mohamed Allam vs. Toby Brookfield  81-02016Chess Olympiad A04 Reti opening 
Kelvin Chumfwa vs. Hoolan Naipal  601-02016Chess Olympiad E16 Queens Indian: Capablanca variation 
Cecil Moncur vs. Salim Aliyan Al Mashikhi  520-12016Chess Olympiad E10 Queens pawn game 
Erik Blomqvist vs. Joan Hendrik Andreasen  401-02016Chess Olympiad A14 English: Neo-Catalan declined 
Daniel Anwuli vs. Jorge Ernesto Giron  450-12016Chess Olympiad A20 English opening 
Jorge Viterbo Ferreira vs. Alexey Shirov  350-12016Chess Olympiad A09 Reti opening 
Vladimir Sveshnikov vs. Andre Ventura Sousa  311-02016Chess Olympiad E66 Kings Indian: fianchetto, Yugoslav Panno 
Bernal Gonzalez Acosta vs. Juan Jose Pineda  361-02016Chess Olympiad A45 Queens pawn game 
Ahmed M Al Ghamdi vs. Samir Nadir  46draw2016Chess Olympiad C41 Philidors defence 
Koffi Botsoe vs. Hemed Mlawa  34draw2016Chess Olympiad B40 Sicilian defence 
Adeyinka Adesina vs. Mauricio Daniel Hernandez  361-02016Chess Olympiad D17 QGD Slav: Czech defence 
Jose Manuel Santos da Costa vs. Giancarlo Berardi  64draw2016Chess Olympiad A36 English: symmetrical variation 
Marcos Ortiz vs. Leonardo Valdes  610-12016Chess Olympiad C42 Petrovs defence 
Al Khatib Ahmad vs. Myint Han  401-02016Chess Olympiad A07 Reti: Kings Indian attack (Barcza system) 
Cristhian Barros Rivadeneira vs. Mahfoud Oussedik  541-02016Chess Olympiad A46 Queens pawn game 
Carlos Paul Abreu Jean vs. Andrei Gurbanov  570-12016Chess Olympiad E06 Catalan: closed, 5.Nf3 
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Chessworld thanks all chess game archivists who conscientiously create PGN files which become freely available on the Internet. Many thanks particularly to the work of John Saunders who in 1997 started the country-game archiving revolution with Britbase. Also a special thanks to Mark Crowther with the Week In Chess (TWIC) who week after week creates PGN files of every major tournament. Many thanks also to those players with neat handwriting who make the job of the archivists much easier to try and decipher what moves they actually played! A big thanks also to for an excellent set of PGN tools which help reap the power of the PGN standard!